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I am 12 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound at 8 weeks to view the baby's heartbeat and confirm how far along I was, which is necessary for obvious reasons. A pregnant woman's future care and appointments depend on how far along she is in the pregnancy so the doctor needs this information, not to mention the mother needs to know if she's carrying a living fetus. I reviewed my insurance plan almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant and was happy to learn that pre-natal ca ... re is covered 100% and my deductible is waived. However, I was very upset to get a bill in the mail today for the ultrasound. I contacted Aetna to see why it wasn't covered and apparently, they do not consider pregnancy ultrasounds to be medically necessary unless there are known medical issues with the baby, like deformities and other VERY specific issues. Even if they did deem my ultrasound medically necessary, it would only be covered at 80% after I've met my deductible. So clearly, a pregnancy ultrasound doesn't fall under pre-natal care with Aetna, which is beyond absurd. I can't understand how something as essential as an ultrasound during pregnancy is only covered for certain people. My doctor prescribed the ultrasound, shouldn't she be the one to decide if it's medically necessary since she is the medical professional? Not to mention, an ultrasound can sometimes be the only way to find out there are certain problems with the baby. How would I know I'm carrying a healthy baby if I don't get an ultrasound? I will be filing an appeal to try to get this ultrasound and my future ultrasounds covered. The out of pocket costs of having a baby are already astronomical - routine, necessary tests should be 100% covered when they are prescribed by a doctor. I'm very disappointed that by the end of my pregnancy I will have had to spend over $600 for ultrasounds in order to make sure my baby is healthy and growing properly. 2 piece outfits for prom party

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