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While I was in Amsterdam on business, a dear childhood friend passed away. I couldn't seem to find the words while I was there, so I decided to wait until I got home. And, here I am, still at a loss for words. Not long ago, my friend Walter Bunk Babiarz passed away, and it was a shockingly painful loss. I was profoundly saddened that I hadn't been able to "find the time" to get together with my old friend. And when Bunk passed away, I promised myself that I wouldn't rely on " ... some other day" to catch up with old friends. And yet, here I am, facing the tragic loss of another very special childhood friend -- probably the MOST special childhood friend. You see, Laura Schumacher was my 1st "girlfriend" and my 1st date. We were kids -- 5th grade -- and my Mom was our chaperone on my date with Laura. We went to see the movie Song of the South. Laura and I sat together, and my Mom sat several rows behind us. I will never forget that date. (Does anyone every forget their first date?) Over the years, we sort of lost touch with each other -- until Facebook came into all of our lives and allowed us all to reconnect!! Laura and I chatted periodically over the years on Facebook, and I thought of posting some of her writings here, but then I thought that might not be what she would have wanted. Her words were sent to me in confidence and I'm not sure I should share them. But I can say that her life revolved around her daughter Talon Skye. Laura expressed -- OFTEN -- how Talon saved her, how Talon kept her motivated, how much she loved and adored her little girl. And as I write this, I am also looking at our old chat sessions and reading how many times we talked about getting together to catch up. There was even one time when Talon had joined our Facebook chats and suggested "PIZZA" as a way to get together and catch up. But there never seemed to be the right time, the right day, the right ... whatever. And here I am, once again, deeply and painfully regretting NOT having gone for pizza. (There are two pictures here, one is a picture of Laura from 5th grade that I have kept all these years, and the other is my favorite picture Long Cocktail Dresses 2020 Laura , with her daughter Talon Skye.)

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