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You learn things along the way when you have cancer. Just about verything changes in your body. It's the chemo treatments.

I went to the beach last Sunday, with Drew. a close friend. It wasn't sunny but it wasn't cold. The water was warmish and the ambient air was a tad cooler. No big deal! I wrapped in a beach towel, which then became damp. I caught a chill. Then things happened.

My lungs became burning and lots of fluid built up. I'd never felt anything like this and knowi ... ng my immunities are down I became concerned. What is this?

The next day I just happened to have a scheduled appointment with my GP. He checked me over and had me get lung x-rays, which I did immediately. The next day was hell as I got hit with a full blown chest virus. I'd never experienced anything like this and there was not a thing I could do except stay in bed.

I learned, through this ordeal, that, as changed as my immunity was to fight a virus, it did fight. Worrying that the lymphoma had NOT spread to my lungs came days later. It's what your mind does to you before you realize what's happening. And it's during that time that sleep is what I needed most.....but couldn't. Everything is different now and I need to get used to these surprises. UcenterDress mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style

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