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One of my oldest sons friends called me. He is homeless and living out of his car. He got a job part time at a shoe repair place. I said that this once he can come over and take a shower and get cleaned up. That is what he asked for. He has a 2 y.o. daughter that his mom is watching. She lives in the Projects. He can't live there. He has a strong work ethic. The only reason he called is I have always treated him like a son. Strict, with plenty of lectures, but fairly. I think ... of other people over the years...of buying a wedding dress for a poor bride, of catching a newborn in my arms when I went to check on a mentally ill teacher I knew from just over the phone, stitching up a poor kid in the jungle with a bad cut, (his mom came to me, I did a good job), bringing in a young mother and her baby in winter who were sleeping in her car, finding a young shivering kid up by the tennis courts one night, bringing him in and sorting him out, (he had schizophrenia). I am not a soft touch, as my sons can attest, but I was brought up to help. We always had hungry, exhausted, dehydrated people at our backdoor, because we lived near the Mexican border. My father would give them food and water, a place to sleep, maybe some work or a car ride or a bit of money. Helping is not enabling. It does not require much. black girl prom dresses

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