blue and white wedding dresses


It's all about my amazing, humble, amiable, generous, boisterous and affable friend's wedding Mayowa Mohitz Salam . I'm highly over joyous with my friend.

Choosing a dress code or color scheme for your wedding occasion gives your big day an identity. With a color code, people going to attend your wedding should be able to easily recognize and associate with others coming to the same occasion even if they haven’t seen those ones before. For example, in an event where an invitee to your wedding occasion gets confused about the venue for the ceremony, such ones can easily tell who and who among those walking on the street is going to the same place with a well chosen color code. blue and white wedding dresses

Additionally, just as has been mentioned above, a carefully chosen color scheme gives life to your wedding ceremony. People looking around can feel the excitement that fitting color combo creates. Of course, you wouldn’t want your wedding ceremony to be tagged dull or uninteresting because people decided to wear different color combination to the place; violet, white, green, orange, yellow, pink, blue, black, red, purple and so on. Believe me; it leaves a bad taste to the beholders.

Marriage is a bond which is superior to any other bond in the world. It brings with itself a lot of love, a lot of care and boundless joyous moments. Hope you to have a lovely time after marriage. Congratulations to you both in advance.