budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

Good morning everyone. If you have anything that has to be done outside, better hurry before the sun gets up and starts cooking everything in sight again. There are a lot of schools listed on channel 8 again this morning that are closed due to the high heat, and they are concerned about the safety of the children. Saw where a water park also opened up extra days so folks could enjoy some cool water and a lot of fun. I would have to hang the water hose on the clothesline o ... r in a tree, with the sprinkler on it, to make my own water park. We need rain, however the farmers are getting a lot of soy beans harvested as well as some corn. Looks like a lot of them will be pretty much done by the time rain finally rolls around. Found out yesterday that this type of injury I have to the nerve and bone could possibly take as long as a year to heal. Oh, give me a break, I thought 3 months was unreal, but this is more like a bad dream or nightmare. Guess I have no choice but to be careful, keep doing the exercises that therapy has given me, and do not walk in the yard. Maybe next spring all my flowers will be planted on the front porch and back deck. How about singing "Little Brown Church In The Vale" today, and that sure sounds like a very nice place to visit. I do not know where this is and hope none of the hurricanes or tornadoes destroyed it. There is a great need to build a lot more small community churches instead of some of the other things they come up with. One year, I took pictures of just church steeples as it seemed like everyone was different and beautiful in its own way. That was the year we took a trip to Wisconsin to visit Lori and the boys, and really the only trip we have taken on our own. We have gone on several trips with our tractor club, but even they have ceased now. Things are so expensive now, so we just sit back and enjoy our memories of days gone by. Think we will just have some blueberry pancakes and sausage patties for lunch today. Going to be way too hot for much cooking. If you have chores to do outside, get them done before the sun finds out you are outside. Make large ice blocks for pet dishes and make sure they are in a shaded area or someplace cooler. Check on shut-in - disabled - and elderly folks and make sure they have plenty to drink and air. Say your prayers [a lot of them] take care on the roads as the farmers are trying their best to get those beans and some corn harvested before we might possibly get a rainy spell. You know they might be on the other side of a hill or around a sharp curve, so be prepared to slow down quickly. If you get up early tomorrow, you might check this corner for a little more "Coffee Chatter", so now you may fetch that second cup of good hot coffee and please -- enjoy this day we have been Blessed with. HUGS. budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

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