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It beggars belief that this mature middle class educated woman lied, and was in complete denial of the consequences of her wickedly selfish acitons. Not only that, she had no insurance, to at least help to ease this poor young woman's suffering. She was so in denial, that her arrogance could not conceive her actions would result in a jail term, because she had made no provision to have her own teenage children cared for in the event of this being her punishment. What an appalling role model for them, they must be terribly upset, and deeply ashamed that a mother, let alone their mother, could do this to another woman's child with such shocking consequences.. casual informal wears for mother of the bride

''A mother-of-two who downed morphine before veering onto the wrong side of the road and crashing into another driver has been jailed for 28 months.

Sylvia Brown caused life-changing brain injuries to 23-year-old Amy Lawrence when she crashed into her in Cranbrook, Kent after smoking cannabis and taking prescription drugs.

Despite slurring her speech and falling asleep as she spoke to police and paramedics in the aftermath of the crash on November 2, 2015, Brown initially claimed she had taken nothing stronger than cough syrup on the morning of the accident.

Blood tests later revealed the cocktail of drugs she had taken including prescription oramorph and codeine.

The 53-year-old lied to police telling them the traces of cannabis came from passive smoking at a party the week before the horror smash.

During her trial Brown admitted she had 'made a mistake in panic' and that she was in fact a regular user of cannabis, smoking a joint each night before going to bed.

She maintained however that she had not consumed the drug on the morning of the accident, or taken her prescription morphine or any codeine.

But today Brown's trial took a dramatic turn when she changed her plea and admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

It left the keen equestrian with a brain injury which causes her both short and long-term memory loss, mood swings and constant headaches.

The court heard she also sustained a hairline fracture to her breastbone, a sprained coccyx, an ear injury which has caused permanent tinnitus, and fractures to her left hand that required three operations but resulted in nerve damage and loss of grip.

She can no longer ride or drive, and has been unable to return to her job as an accounts administrator.''

Silvia Brown failed to disclose to her insurance company that she had been prescribed oramorph and her policy was therefore declared void, leaving Miss Lawrence unable to claim for the accident.

She also had a previous conviction for speeding and driving without insurance on the same road.''

She was jailed for two years and four months. She was also banned from driving for 50 months. The court heard no immediate arrangements had been made for the care of her teenage children.'' ----REPORT IN THE DAILY MAIL