champagne color cocktail party selections

Okay, here is part one of my hospital adventure...

On Wednesday night my back hurt so bad that I thought I'd die... I was poised to go to the ER and then I passed a couple of kidney stones.

I never had kidney stones before, but the experience was a bit like giving birth to a bouncing 12 pound sea urchin. With a hot sauce lube. Through a cocktail straw. To be honest the second one was much smaller - only a 7 or 8 pound sea urchin.

All and all I'll be happy to never have that experience again.

The pain in my back subsided and I thought the worst was over...

On Friday night/Saturday morning around 2 am I finally broke down and went to the ER... the pain was back and as bad as ever. Seriously, I thought my kidney was going to explode.

I told them about the kidney stones and they asked how I was sure I had a kidney stone... look, when you are peeing pebbles it is pretty obvious.

After numerous tests (I swear they took 15 vials of blood) and a blown vein on the first IV attempt, they determined that I had a kidney infection likely caused by damage from the kidney stones. I would need to be admitted for IV antibiotics and observation. My kidney was swollen etc.

Things seemed fine. I was reasonably comfortable and had dressed for the visit - comfy gym shorts a loose tee shirt and slippers. Apparently I had to wear a hospital gown. I am not sure why at this point, my exams were completed but the nurse insisted. At this point I had been in the ER through the shift change and this was a new nurse. champagne color cocktail party selections

Why was I in the ER through a shift change you ask? Because they actually forgot about me so I sat in the ER room for almost 8 hours.

In any case it seemed annoying but not worth arguing about. I changed.

Later I had to go the the bathroom. I turned the gown around so that I could hold it closed while I walked down the hall... the nurse chased me down so I could put it on correctly.

I don't want to second guess a professional, but maybe more attention to my room and less to my attire would have been helpful.

I finally got to my room after 9 am. I was starving. I was tired. And things were not going to get any better... so far the highlight to this visit was getting morphine directly in my IV. There's a hit.

Stay tuned for part 2.