cocktail party wears in yellow

My new rescue, Home Fur Keeps , has seen much success in our first few months. However, it hasn't been the easiest (especially since my focus is on the medical seniors, which come with large bills).

A team of 2 has rescued over 25 dogs since February 2017, but we still need help finding 3 dogs forever homes. We also have large bills we need to pay off before we can get back to rescuing.

Please read our latest update and consider helping us network the dogs we have left in our care.

Since we're so new, the majority of our expenses are financed through our own wallets and we know we cannot continue rescuing this way. If you're unable to help offset our bills I'd REALLY appreciate any fundraising/grant advice you may have. cocktail party wears in yellow

I'm determined to find these 3 fosters homes and raise some money soon so I can get back to rescuing the medical seniors in need. <3 <3