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Hey there lovely people!

We may be in the depths of Winter right now, but the end is in sight, and come October 13th, Spring will definitely be in the air. So we thought we'd have a party, and you're invited.

We'll be celebrating a few things - a couple of birthdays, some new beginnings - but mostly it will be celebration of Spring, so bring your happy faces. This is a private event, so there will be a strict guest list - if you DEFINITELY want to come, please FB message Ivy Farrell. If you want to bring a friend, let her know, but numbers are limited, so be quick. code for semi formal items

And because its Friday 13th - you'll need to DRESS TO KILL!

Where: 103A Bree Street
When: 13 October 2017
Time: 7pm - 2am

Why? Because We Can!!!