college graduation ceremony wears

Holy high school! Just unearthed from ancient clay pots in the caverns of East Hartford is this shot of me and two chums on the day of my high school graduation from St. Thomas Seminary in 1971. The graduation class consisted of a whopping 11 men. If you wanted to continue toward the priesthood, you simply went back again in the fall for the two-year junior college program, which I did. In the fancy dress at left is my good friend Maury (I called him Moe) Landry, who ended up a Unitarian minister (of all things) in Maine. At center is my friend Gary Frascarelli, who was a year ahead of us at St. Thomas. He eventually continued at Wadhams Hall Seminary, as did I. This was in the dining room of the old Eno homestead. By the way, Gary today owns Gary's Ice Cream in Chelmsford, Mass. Sounds good to me. college graduation ceremony wears