custom made selections for formal party

Hello Everyone. Here is some assemblance of an update.

Friday, July 21: Welcome Mixer. As in the past, this will be held at the Apple Athletic Club; 2030 Jennie Lee Dr. The one off of 17th St. I belive the same location from 5 years ago. Jody can correct me, but I beleive we are saying 6:30pm. Garcia's is catering: Chicken & cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, tossed green salad w/buttercream ranch dressing, and lot's of chips & salsa! Dress is casual, let's say pretty casual as I am sure I will be there in shorts.

Saturday, July 22: Shilo Inn. 6:30pm: Hors d'oeuvres [Egg rolls w/Sweet-Sour Sauce, Chicken Skewers w/Ginger Glaze, Various Cheese, Fruit, Bread, Crakcers & Drinks.] I have asked it to be held on the back patio area. 7:15pm - Dinner. Buffet Style, Lasagna, Rosemary Chicken, crisp greens with ranch or italian dressing, other salad choices, fresh fruit, rice or potatoes, vegetables, rolls, butter, dessert - various, lemonade, water, etc., with a coffee/tea station. There will also be vegetarian choice(s). Unless the crowd says otherwise, dress is semi-formal. custom made selections for formal party

For the Shilo activity, we will have a DJ, Tyler Brooks [Yes, younger brother of Todd Brooks] who will play 80's music and any other modern music, etc. per your request. Skyline is also having their 35 Year Reunion at the same location, opposite wall. We hear they will have a live band, which we heard was not cheap if we were to join. To save the budget and better guarantee music that you can enjoy we went with Tyler.

For earlier on Friday and Saturday, during the day, I also heard that Sue was going to organize a float trip. Though we have not heard any details. Anthony, Art, Troy and myself will be playing golf and tennis both days. Over the years, we have been able to incorporate Kurt Tayler, Mike Fielding, Craig Tibbits and others. We certainly hope many/any of you would like to join. Just let us know who would be interested in either of these activities and we can book the requisite number of tee times, etc.

Also, we have heard that some who live in IF cannot attend due to weddings and other committments. If you are able to catch a few minutes and swing by either of the two main events or would like to join in any of the activities, please let us know. If you can find 30 mins, that is great. We are not about trying to get all of you to pay. It is always good to catch up with everyone that made the IF Class of 82 the best that ever was!

Troy, Jody, Eric, Craig, Barb, Kristin and others have all been working remotely to get it together. Let us know of any suggestions.

Hope this helps some, as this is what we know so far. As for total number and letting the food preparation people know, we have been able to put them off until next Tuesday/July 18. So, do not be bashful.