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I love my job! One of the best things I get to do is discover underlying causes of problems regardless of what is known in the literature. And today was a eye opener!

I start off my sessions, by talking to clients about asking if they've noticed anything from our last session, and if there is something in particular they feel strongly about addressing. Then I ask if its ok if we put it on the list of things we are addressing, and ask the subconscious if that is the most important thing to address first. cute and adorable collections for a wedding

In this case, even though my client really wanted to address another issue (and I agreed it was extremely important), her subconscious said we had to work on her overall sensitivity. She is considered hyper-sensitive.

So with her permission, we addressed her sensitivity! It turns out there were 3 nutrients that she was deficient in and this accounted for 86% of the problem!

This was NOT about her diet. Her diet was fine. Her body wasn't absorbing them! (I can correct this using the Body Code)

Then she asked if this was contributing to a problem she's had for decades - congestion in her ears and sinuses.

I got yes. It turns out she's had a bacterial infection that has come and gone for 22 yrs! And even though she has cleared it, she keeps getting it because she is deficient in cobalt!

Wow! She's seen so many people about this - now she finally has some answers!

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