edgy style wears for prom and formal party

In each one of these photo's theirs a insecurity that I have about myself the first one is my eyebrows for the longest time up till my sophomore year I was made fun of because my eyebrows were so bushy I had one girl my freshman year come in after me politely smiling and saying hey just for her to turn around to her friends and say "omg have you seen her eyebrows she needs to do something with those" the second picture is my weight I use to be super skinny enough to where I could fit in my sisters blue jeans and now I'm the biggest I've ever been mind you it's my own fault for not taking better care of myself but the prom picture with my best friend was taken junior year and I was extremely insecure to where I wanted a jacket to wear because I was ashamed I thought I looked awful in that dress....... Ive grown up and some things don't bother me like they use to but I had a girl last night who decided she wanted to ask matt why he wanted to date a legally married woman and if it was not weird!?!?......Not knowing the girl I was before that marriage..... Not knowing I was not the same girl my parents had raised....I was a completely different person during and after that marriage I didn't wanna joke I didn't want people talking to me at times and little things made me snap quickly!! she knew who I was but not the situation well I confronted her and she went on about how I was over reacting and how she could see why people didn't like me and how my eyebrows looked and what not!!!....trying to basically make me feel like less of a person I've even watched people tear my sister down because she's different and have made her feel the way I've felt millions of times so here's my big thing if you don't know what that persons been through it doesn't matter if your friends with the girl who's dating my ex husbands brother or if your the popular girl at school and you can afford to get your eyebrows done you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to tear another person down when your no better yourself!!! my eyebrows are not perfect no I'm not the skinniest no my marriage didn't last but you know what I give myself a hard enough time about those things to where I don't need your 2 cent so before you go prying in someone's life and judging just because you and your "bff" likes to gossip put yourself in that persons shoes and try to understand what they've been through before you open your mouth and speak through that small mind of yours!!! edgy style wears for prom and formal party