elegant party dresses

Ok everyone listen to this warning. There are people who are pretending to want to purchase stuff from u and are using fake pay pal. Someone yesterday bought a dress from me for 300 dollars through pay pal. When I woke up at 7am there was an email saying that 300 was not enough to send the money to me through pay pal so the buyers account was deducted another 200 to cover the transaction. So the email with the PayPal logo and all said I was to purchase a 200 dollar Amazon card and send the transaction number to this email @ elegant party dresses well I knew PayPal shouldn't do this so I contacted pay pal and they said it was a scam. To late I already sent the wedding dress to the address in North Hollywood California. Do not send any money to anyone asking this. Now I have to find a way to stop the dress from being delivered to this probably fake address. Contact pay pal if this is happening. I met this person on a site called poshmark where I sell stuff. Do not fall for it .