evening gowns

Gud Women Community
P.O Box 0000,
Lagos state
31th Jan,2018.

Dear Ma,
I know some of you are reading this words of mine. I have nothing much to say than to Remind you that VALENTINE is fast approaching and should in case you don't remember the date, it is February 14 . Please MA, as from today be extra nice to our daddies who are your Husbands, Pound yam and make delicious meals for them, Get a nice perfume and take your bath before going to bed, Buy a new night gown and look gorgeous, bend down every seconds to look for something under the bed, even in the sitting room when He is there. evening gowns
I am saying all these because some tiny legs stubborn ladies and young girls who doesn't want to learn to wait for their own man are really working on how to trick your husbands in buying Valentine gifts for them. And our daddies can easily be manipulated when they see BABY OKWU.
I hereby stop here and I hope this gets to All wives who really care about their homes.
Yours sincerely,
Ogbeni Nakely