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My children are 2 years old and 4 years old. Babies.

Last week, I had to sign a form acknowledging I knew where my children's school would rush them if they experienced an active shooter, a terrorist situation, a major threat to safety and life. *IF* they were able to get them out, I could find them at soandso location. evening party formal wears for mature women over 50
Yesterday, the Seminole Heights Serial Killer was finally arrested at his place of work with a loaded gun, the McDonalds I frequently take my children to for *special* occasions.
Today, an acid bomb was found at the Lake I take my children to, because they love feeding the ducks.
Today, an acid bomb was also found on the Playground, the PLAYGROUND, I take my children to because they are kids and deserve to play.
My babies.
I still REFUSE to let them live in fear. They are stronger than this. Their strength and love and compassion will overcome this.
But tonight, I sob, quietly on the inside, for their future.