extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding

WARNING! GROSS Testimonial! I have been using the o2 Drops on a toenail that was pretty nasty. It was thick and long and deformed. I rubbed a drop on it every night and every morning when I would get out of the shower... did this for probably about a week or so religiously... didn't notice a difference so I stopped. I wanted to paint my toenails for the 4th of July and I did on July 3rd. That toenail has ALWAYS hurt to cut it and I was never able to trim much off it. So the other night.. about a month after I stopped putting the drops on it, I removed my red white and blue polish and cut my toe nails... and low and behold, that nasty part basically peeled right off... PAIN FREE! My nail bed had started to heal! I can only imagine had I continued to use the drops. So now I am doing it again... I know its gross, but seriously... is there anything these drops cannot do? I already have used them in my ears for ear aches... (only one time needed for almost instant relief) and I use them still in a nasal spray bottle and squirt them up my nose for allergies (which I usually have horrible allergies year round and have not needed a claritin in over three months) and in my eyes for dry eye and floaters (which cleared up within a week from both eyes),,, I got into this business because Shelly Ferree had told me they were launching the Nightfall Hemp based tea... so I joined before they did so and got the drops... just so I could be "in" at the top for all the Nightfall growth... well, let me tell you, I do indeed LOVE Nightfall, but the drops are by far my life saver!! I will NEVER be without them again!!!! I have applied them to bites, sunburn, cuts and scrapes... AMAZING! AND SAFE for everyone... even my dogs use them! Stops Lily's seizures in seconds every single time!!! extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding