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I watched Al Gore being interviewed a couple of times this week. The subject was climate change. You can't possibly watch Gore being interviewed and not realize that he is Albert Einstein on the subject and Trump is Alfred E. Neuman. Gore not only studies and keeps up with cutting age climate science, he cares enough to take the time to put those facts, along with stunning pictures and videos in the form of an entertaining and enlightening movie. While Al Gore and his ilk are doing everything possible to save the planet from total destruction so our generation can exit the planet with the knowledge that we did everything possible to leave the next generation a planet with clean air, clean water, intact polar ice caps, "normal" ocean levels and temperatures. Trump on the other hand; calls climate change "a hoax made up and perpetuated by the Chinese." (Kind of like fake news here in America). Al Gore worked hard to coordinate the Paris Climate Accord and Trump couldn't wait to undue it with a stroke of his crayon. I mean pen. Well, All other participating nations were further emboldened by Trump's nose thumbing of the agreement and have stepped up their efforts to work even harder at cleaning up the little blue ball that sustains us all. One nation has enacted a law that by 2025, all automobiles will run on clean energy. Mexico is banning all diesel powered automobiles. China has renewed its effort to eliminate coal as their main source of power. Solar and wind energy are booming in the United States even as Trump touts his creation of jobs that puts American workers back in the deep dark and dirty coal mines. Another genius (in my opinion) is Elizabeth Warren. This woman's knowledge of the facts and her experience are on display everytime she sits on a committee and asks questions of Wall Street fat cats, Trump appointees or the CEOs of tobacco companies. If she were to interrogate Donald Trump on the Russian connection, there would be two a holes in the room because she would tear him a new one. It's very encouraging to watch smart people in action and it's pathetic to watch someone as ill-informed as Donald Trump. Especially considering the position he holds. (At least for now). I personally am not so concerned with Trump's lack of leadership, his ignorant tweets, or his cheerleading of chants like "Lock her up!", because I truly believe that he will be out of office before you can say trick or treat. What does concern me is whether or not the American voters have the ability to learn from this fiasco and get off their butts and never again cast their vote for another snake oil salesman, carnival barker and pathological liar. When I hear the false equilalent that "there's no difference between the two parties" or "I voted for the lesser of two evils", I realize why it was possible for this guy to move into our White House. The low information voter doesn't believe the scientific community that climate change will harm their children and grandchildren, they are too busy chanting lock her up and "USA! USA!", disregarding the fact that the USA is part of the planet that they don't seem to care about. How ironic that they ignore science even as we witness drastic changes in our weather and our climate on a daily basis, yet they wear their little red hat that proudly says, "Make America Great Again." If only they meant it. I personally wouldn't trade 50 Republican Senators for one Al Gore or Elizabeth Warren. I'm proud to be a lifelong Democrat, the party on the left that has always proven to be the party on the right side of most issues. Vote for Democrats in 2018! extra sized wearing in formal situation