flapper wedding dress

WATCH: Two dogs who appeared on Judge Rinder have finally married in a ceremony led by a pug dressed as a vicar -- but not everything got off without a hitch. Diva was caught short walking down the aisle towards future-hubby Max and had to halt the wedding briefly to urinate. Owners Ann McNeilage, 52, and Sandra Harrison, 54, had organised a wedding between their dogs Diva and Bud three years ago, but disaster struck when Bud died. flapper wedding dress
They then tried to marry Sandra's other dog, Lhasa Apso Max, to Shih Tzu Diva but they had to go on TV courtroom show Judge Rinder to sort out their disagreements. More than 150 people watched Diva walk down the aisle to Puppy Love at the six-hour event which raised money for three charities.
Video: SWNS

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