formal wears for mature women over 40/50

As a momma myself I've seen people stare at my son in public , it made me uncomfortable and paranoid because you never know why they are staring at your baby/toddler/child. After losing cassidy tho I catch myself staring at other peoples babies in a daze I think about what my daughter would look like, I wonder if she'd be about that size ... A million things go through my mind and it's nothing to do with stealing that baby or causing any harm. I don't blame the mothers who give me dirty looks when I get caught staring because I know how they feel I've felt the same and there is nothing wrong with it it's that natural mother protection instinct. But also consider that person might not even realize they're staring it may not be "your baby" they actually see in their mind. Infant and child death is hush hush because people don't know what to say the parents or the people around them it's shattering. But I also feel it's something that shouldn't be hush hush because as a mommy to an angel I will not treat my daughter like she's a secret, I won't forget her, and I won't pretend she didn't happen. Her name is music to my soul , I'll never stop loving her. She isn't a secret. If I cry that's OK because I know we live on. If you cry for her that's OK too it means you are human and you feel and love. A nasty disorder took my daughter, it's OK to ask about it, I have researched it night and day. I've felt guilt, self hate, and anger over it and I'm moving passed that know I love her. Tears aren't weakness they are compassion, love, sympathy, and caring. Don't be afraid to talk to me about her I love her and sometimes I need to tell people that. If you catch me staring at your baby I understand how it makes you feel and that is sign you're a good momma. But honestly it may not be "your baby" my eyes are seeing. I probably sound insane yes but I feel better showing my crazy to the world than locking it up like a secret. Hush hush isn't always best I've learned that the hard way. formal wears for mature women over 40/50