gala gowns

Rest in peace western bulldogs.its finally happened .we are gone never to return. A big thankyou to those hundreds if not thousands of supporters who could never afford to give to the club but did. Thank you to irene chatfield thank you to bevo and our coaching suppory team our supporters .thank you to my mother for giving birth to me so i could see the bulldoga win a grand final in 2016. But here comes the real kicker it takes a little rat or weasel poonsy little prick ca ... lled damien barrett to bring down the demise of the western bulldogs. Watching the footy show last night you would tnink we were gone quicker then a brides night gown . So i will lay my wreath outside your statue big ted and mourn this once great club for the last time . And move on . Thanks barrett you arse wipe for doing what people power never could . Maybe i could get some souvenirs when we have a massive yard sale . Good bye adios and farewell western bulldogs. By the way barrett dont let the door slam on you when bevo once again shows you way out. 2018 come back bigger and better and will make you look stupid once again gala gowns
Go doggies always

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