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I've done all of the following. What rather unusual/foolish/terrible but funny things have YOU done?
- played poker during Humanities class in Grade 11
- performed a strip-o-gram for 3 people in a motel in Duncan
- lead a Christmas carolling performance, in Victorian costume, during a large bowling tournament in Toronto (no, they couldn't hear us at all, but we were paid regardless)
- During another carolling gig, removed my petticoat from under my Victorian-style dress while singing "Silent Night" at Hillside Mall (the elastic had broken and it was looped around my ankles)
- Broke into our neighbour's house at Sproat Lake, the neighbour came home and caught us, but we managed to talk ourselves out of trouble by pretending that we thought we'd heard burglars and were investigating. My first experience with improv! greek prom dresses
- Drove all the way from Anaheim, California, to Victoria, on less than $100. It was 1980, so it was possible. I didn't have a credit card in those days. I remember living on baloney sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and supper for 3 days.