greek style prom dresses

Funny/joke of mine.
1) i know that e dey vex u when u receive an wedding invitation card from ur gf but u have to cown down cos u don reach ur corridor.
2) some pastors will end up shouting everything na double double when praying to a person that have bad condition' i don't even know weather na good prayer or na bad one infact am confused
3) i don't know what to do since yesterday till today when i tell a girl that i wan to marry say if i finish her bride price she will give birth for me & she tell me that she could have (3) childrent now if she been not doing abortion since.
4) this artificial finger nail & red lip stick is not for all these thin yellow girls few of them end up looking like vampire after all.
5) you buy biggest oxford dictionary just to get any means of grama but even new testament bible u no get hmmm i hope u ar ready to buy biggest freezer to freeze any hot of hell fire too.
6) what shall it profit a boy to spend a lot for a girl & still brake up with her?
7) what shall it profit a girl to fix all Brazilian hair still end up with no boyfriend.
8) you can only describe Nigeria police as black agents: there dress black' shoe black' cap black' talk true black' even there faces is all now black cos sun don turn them into what them wan to be.
9) akpos: teasher' name one animal that live in water' akpos fish' teasher correct' name five animals that lives in water' akpos fish' papa fish' mama fish' brother fish' & sister fish
10) Jesus Christ feed (5'000) people with 2 breads & five loaves of fish still cary some go' hmmm no be small work but if he try it in this buhari time u go see na only (50) people go finish am imedetly. 11) at the moment u ask a girl for friendship & she accept ur friend request my brother run & run faster she want to crush. greek style prom dresses
12) everybody is now trying to become manager or vucnizer in this country' if u ask person how far is eighter he/she reply i dey manage or i dey patch.
13) you wear 1'500 chain thinking that it's ur right' nigga noting is different between u & dog.
14) your pastor build mansion marry wife still get car & u just have only his sticker at ur door wrote this is your year of miracle' is ur brain paining u?.
15) the only warning african take serious is battery low.
16) one person will have birthday in January 5 still have it in December 10' abeg wish kind of born again is that one?