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A man talks about the different abuse he has encountered, starting at age 10 with the househelp...

I thought i could stay silent and let sleeping dogs lie about my growing up. Reading the story of iya seyi has made me want to talk. Feel free to share this but as anonymous

I caught my neighbour having sex with our househelp... i was age 10.i told them i was going to report and in a bid to canvass me, i was threatned and forced to take part. My role was to hv my dick massage den climb my househelp from behind. This didnt last long though however same neighbour had brought his secondary school girls to our compound during d summer lessons and i was molested by 3ladies
It wasnt a funny experience but i was just too scared to own up to my folks

At age 13 i had my own girlfrnd who was then 18yrs. She waited till i was 14 before we had sex.. i must confess i became sexually active. At age 16... she got pregnant. Knwning fully well that she was older and it would be a shame to her family she aborted

My next ordeal was in unilag.. my den girlfrnd was a student and i was just 22. She from indications must hv informed her friends how sexually active i was. I went visiting one day n she wasnt home, weda it was staged i really dont know n didnt care

All i knew was 2 of her frnds whr home , i was served 5 alive juice n nxt minute i knew i was horny n half dizzy ... fastforward to d event, i was gangraped by 4 ladies. It was torture for me..male friends made matters worse by telling me nvr to disgrace d malehood by saying i was raped because men dont get raped. This changed my orientation of hving a serious relationship n i thus engaged in an open relationship whr sex was defined n prioritised. As years drew n i became more exposed n matured i began to reason differently halter prom dresses long

I must confess despite being felt humiliated, i nvr tot of masturbation or rape. I was glad n i am still glad that i duscovered and retracted my steps fast without a psychological issue

My advice... even the nxt occupant under ur roof is a suspect. We as parents should be watchful n checkmate our kids