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Willow update:

NO FEVER this morning! The vet called and her blood work looks good except for low lymphocytes which she said is indicative of anaplasmosis. The vet says the good news is that Willow's WBC, RBC, and platelet counts are good so we caught it early! Yay!

She gobbles up her "alfalfa" flavored doxy granules without hesitation (thank goodness, haha) and she's eating and drinking normally. Poor girl is still stiff in the legs but improves after I make her walk around ... for a few minutes so this is good news!

I've used Devils Claw in the past with great success to support horses with arthritis - so I'm using SmartPak Smartflex Senior (no, Willow is not a senior) with Devils Claw to help with the joint inflammation from the anaplasmosis. The bonus - it also has a probiotic in it to help her gut function through the round of doxy she's on. Now I just have to pick up some vitamin E, per recommendation of one of our followers! high low asymmetrical wears

It's trial and error at this point but hopefully I've got everything covered to get her trough this!


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