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Watch, Like and Share! - 'Yammer, Yammer, Yammer, PFFFTTT'...When I hear people talking about the eclipse and the September alignment of Virgo, that's what I hear. Do you know why? Let me tell you.

It comes from growing up in the church and hearing these same 'portents' from the time I was old enough to cut my teeth on the edge of a pew. I mean seriously, when will the church learn that their methods of interpretation just aren't cutting it? I mean really, how many times do you need to beat your head against a brick wall before you realize, 'hey, that wall's not moving'?

There are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to the dissemination and acquisition of truth. There are people who jump on the 'truth wagon' every time it rolls by and there are those who have discernment who wait to get on the wagon, when it's the right time. Those with discernment are constantly saying, 'wait for it', 'wait for it'. And the wagon 'jumpers' have jumped aboard so many times that their thighs are burning from the lactic acid build-up. What am I trying to say? 'STOP' jumping on the wagon and learn how to 'find' the truth. This is one of the few times in life when going 'off the wagon' is a good thing. Here's why.

For two thousand years, there have been date setters and self-proclaimed prophets telling the world that 'Jesus is coming back on such and such date and here's why...!' (Remember the '88 reasons that Christ is returning in 1988'? I think he had to modify it from his older booklet of '86 reasons why Christ is returning in 1986' or something like that because...he was wrong.) Well, that's only one in hundreds of examples of Christians who are wrong, wrong, wrong in their interpretation of the Bible. But why in the world have there been so many 'wrong' within the global religion of Christianity when, after all, the Bible is so simple a child could understand it...right...?...right...?

Well, maybe not?

Here is what I'm trying to tell you in all of this rambling. Firstly, the alignment on September 23 is not unique. Get over it and just listen to what I'm telling you. It's not unique. It's happened many times before. Here is a link that one of my Apprentices sent me that proves this. It is an article written by a college professor of Physics and Astronomy and you can read it at . So, if you're on that wagon, currently, it's a good time to get off and 'learn to discern'. The frenzy that has been created by Christianity about this alignment is simply an example of how, when you want to 'see' something so badly, you see it, whether it's really there or not. This is very similar to the psychological effect known as 'Pareidolia' which is 'a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, (usually an image or a sound), by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.' (Yeah, it's a real thing.)

I was out in the woods the other day taking a few hours off to maintain my sanity : ) and I saw a twisted set of bumps in a large tree about 20 feet off the ground that literally looked like a monkey clinging to the side of a tree. And I mean it was uncanny how 'real' it looked. But, monkeys don't frequent the woodlands of northern Ohio. (Do they???) So, I knew it wasn't what it looked like. And, sure enough after an up-close-and-personal monkey. But dang, it looked real. (Kind of freaky!)

This is the danger of viewing things through a 'doctrinal' lens that is looked through by millions of others who end up fostering each other's views of, let's say...prophecy? What we must do is look at these things through the lens of 'Truth', instead. But who has the truth? Well, I know a place it can be found. : ) Try here Thousands of people have come through the Inner Circle (my teaching and social network) and know that it is the 'real deal' when it comes to the truth. And yes, believe it or not, no one else is teaching the truth about these issues and many more. As a fact. You'll find a smattering of it here or there, but the lion's share of actual 'truth' that I've gleaned from 20 years of exegesis into the Cuneiform, can be found nowhere else. Oh, you don't like that statement, that I'm the only one teaching it? Actually...I don't give a damn. It is a fact and if you can find it anywhere else and prove me wrong, then do so. If not, kindly shut your pie hole and go back to charging your kundalini or polishing your pulpit. I won't pretend that I'm just another self-proclaimed guru offering my 'interpretation of truth', just because that lie appeals to you. The fact is, the truth is here and I have it. Get it or get out of the way, because this train's not stopping for the crystal-rubbers or spiritual sycophants. high neck lady suitable wearing for the wedding ceremony

We are living at a time in which knowing the truth is crucial because it is only the truth that will set us free from this prison planet. And this is why looking at the alignment through a lens of truth is so crucial.

What IS unique about this alignment, is the fact that it is COUPLED with another celestial event that is spoken of in both Matthew 24 and Revelation 12. That 'event' is what is known as the 'Red Dragon' in the above verse. It is this 'Red Dragon', however, that is COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD by Christianity and when Christians are primarily the one's who are disseminating the 'band wagon' prophecies, those who listen to them are not going to understand the truth, either.

We are told that there are both the 'sign of the son of man' and the 'son of man' but in the book of Revelation, chapter 12, rather than the 'son of man' being spoken of, the 'Great Red Dragon' is mentioned. So, what's the connection and why don't Christians understand this crucial link? Because they've not read my book but have instead read 'the book' (the Bible), without the ability to understand what is being said. They have no discernment. This is why messengers are necessary. Not to teach what is already believed within a culture, but to teach the truth, to get people back on track. Due to their lack of discernment, their spiritual train has derailed. This is why they all believe different things within all of their thousands of denominations. But understanding this connection between the 'son of man' and the 'red dragon' is absolutely imperative for anyone who ever wants to 'free their soul'.

We are told that immediately 'after' the tribulation of those days, the angels will gather the 'Elect from the four winds'. This is another part of this same, all-important story that Christians completely misunderstand. It has NOTHING to do with what they think it does, yet, they refuse to listen to the truth. (My Apprentices, however, know what this means. You can become an Apprentice, also, while there is still space at )

In the meantime, while you're deciding whether you want to invest in your spiritual well-being or whether you would like to continue video-binging until your nose bleeds, you can get the book 'The Red Dragon and the Sheep: The Return of Nibiru' at It's the book that gives you the details of this event that will enable you to cut through the 'band wagon' mentality and separate yourself from the sheeple during the chaos in the coming days. It's always about priorities; and I'll be here to help you each step of the way, should you decide to begin your journey into the truth. And I'll provide the wagon needed.