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Check out these great options that Steeped Tea provides! Thank you Kalen Clark for a wonderful presentation tonight, it was so informative!
Let me make a tea for you! ALL of our teas are great iced or hot, and with loose leaf... you can get REALLY creative. This isn't the tea you used to know.


* Having a party? Fill 2/3 a pitcher with Citrus Mint Sangria tea and fill the rest with moscato, reisling, or white grape juice for a cocktail combination. Don't forget to grab one of our cheeseball mixes for an appetizer in a hurry. hostess gowns for wedding

* Nursing a baby and want caffeine free deliciousness? Caramel Rooibos Latte has fenugreek in it to help with supply, and won't keep you up extra at night.

* Get queasy in the car? Try steeping Apple Ginger Mint & taking it with you on the ride in your Pop Top Tumbler.

* Craving Pumpkin Pie but in a hurry? Combine 1/2 tsp Pumpkin Matcha with 1 cup Cool Whip & put on top of a graham cracker or vanilla wafer.

* Achy joins? Our Turmeric 'n Spice team help with inflammation and soothes your belly.

* Love drive-thru drinks but wanting to save money? Steep our London Mist Latte mix & add some frothed milk on top - the skim milk and sugar are already in there. Less calories and less money!

* Want to jazz up a bottle of wine or beer? Steep Cosmopolitan or Pineapple Orange Cooler fruit teas in your favorite drink to take it to a different level.

* Need more energy, to lose weight, or to feel better about what you're putting in your body? Matcha, all the way.