junior suitable items of the party to wear

There’s a smile on your face but your entire body is filled with anxiety…

That’s pretty much what this picture says.

We always take selfies to send to Darren when he’s away. Between that and FT, it makes the time away easier for us all.


Yesterday Grace came down with a fever and for those of you who haven’t been following my page, Grace had a phobia called emetophobia (fear of vomit/sickness/and all symptoms associated with it) and this is a major trigger for her anxiety.

And her anxiety is a major trigger for my anxiety.

As soon as I took out the thermometer it started. When I told her she had a fever the panic set in…

Thankfully she was able to avoid a panic attack by sitting and practicing her breathing. She’s getting better at that... Lots of exposure.

Needless to say, yesterday was a rough day.

And then she ended up with a huge canker between her gum and her lip today, which is very painful and is restricting her from eating.

Between that, the fever, and the constant questions seeking reassurance we had a pretty rough day.

I’m totally exhausted…But I have to stay up for another hour to give her more Tylenol before she goes to bed.

Thankfully I was up early this morning and had time to myself before she woke up.

Honestly, If I hadn’t of took that time this morning to get myself in a good place mentally, I know that I'd be telling a different story.

I was able to control my frustration when it took me over an hour to try to convince her to rinse her mouth out with salt water….When she cried each time she had to take her medicine or her temperature. When she just cried because she didn't know what else to do. junior suitable items of the party to wear

Breaks your heart feeling so helpless.

In the end, she was asking for me to give her more salt water to rinse her mouth with and she took her medicine without any tears. Because I was there for her.

The day could have had a different ending….But it didn’t.

Because I took time to fill my cup, which helped me fill hers in the process…

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