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This is Very True. Up and Until the past 30 years, MOST of this INFORMATION (with the Exception of Clarifying that the Moors were Black) was part of Collegiate Western Civilization Courses. Today, it is VERY interesting that IT HAS BEEN OBSCURED. Is this part of White Rule ??? May Almighty GOD/CREATOR OF ALL, PLEASE HELP THE HUMAN RACE, WAKE UP, GROW UP AND INTELLIGENTLY BE AND DO IT'S BEST IN YOUR PEACE, LOVE AND TRUTH and STOP ALL OF THIS CHAOS (Disorder), HATE (of Self/Others-Jealousy) and LIES (Blaming Others for Our Own Behavior AND Making Excuses - which ARE ALL Childish and Selfish, Spoiled Rotten Brat Behavior, that Maturely Grown Adults Recognize, yet Grown Babies DO NOT.) It is NOT ALL ABOUT ANY OF US, Individually. IT IS ABOUT WHAT WE DO, Individually, FOR HUMANITY that is Over and Above Our Own Basic Needs. HELPING, RESPECTING AND PROTECTING THE INNOCENCE AND RIGHTS OF FUTURE GENERATIONS IS THE GREATEST CONTRIBUTION AND RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL. (We Are All Responsibile for Doing Unto Others As We'd Have Done Unto Us.) Some Do Become ANGRY When They Hear The Truth, because it Rocks Their Fantasized Worlds. Those Doing Their Best To Be Their Best Will Be Discerning and Accept Truth And Grow Themselves Better. AMEN. latest best collections dressed for prom party