pink colored items of the cocktail to wear

My hormones have finally given me a break!!! Holy shit what a ride that is and not one I want to be on! I've done really good for the most part for over a year since I started on progesterone cream and the proper amounts of vitamins. I'm getting blood work done to see what's out of whack now. It's something that has to be steadily monitored. To those suffering horrible anxiety on a daily I highly recommend seeing a hormone specialist over dr's. Dr's just wanna throw everyone on anti-depressants and nerve pills to mask your symptoms while your body still is getting worse and not balanced. The answer should be fixing and maintaining your body not drugging it. I never took all the pills the dr's wanted me too but for years I also suffered because I still wasn't treating the actual problem cause no dr would invest real time an actual problem solving into my health. Now that I have someone to work with me and actually stay on top of things I'm getting there. It's gonna take years to achieve the results I want because of the years of damage my hormones and endometriosis has done. Had I have met my hormone specialist sooner in life I probably would have never had many of these problems. This is what makes me so sick of most all dr's. I have no faith in them and will never put my life in their hands again. I know many don't have much faith in real food and being on a healthy diet and the right vitamins (like vitd3 which no one in IN gets enough of) but it has changed my life. I will go on about my crazy natural ways and stay on top of my health while many will never discover the truth or real help and it sucks to see many of you suffer and I know many won't ever seek better options for themselves. I hate how our up bringing has made everyone ok with how dr's control their lives. You should always have an opinion that's respected. Dr's should be working with you to improve your health and be a stepping stool for the better not an encouragement to more problems. Yes there are a few good dr's out there but they are far n few! Money and ins isn't much of an issue to see my hormone specialist. She takes donation for consultation and if you need personal cream made it's anywhere from $50-$75 every 5-6 weeks. Most insurance covers it, mine don't but $75 a month is worth my sanity n health! I wish everyone would quit accepting depression and anxiety as a normal thing. It's a sign that something is off in your body and many times can be controlled and helped! pink colored items of the cocktail to wear