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I have to tell you and It maybe really really important, and first before I tell you about the ex girlfriend from over 5 years ago, it was a rough, style (it still didn't have to be like that like purposely and mysteriously taking tings away from people or for say if say a couple was ( and for example a couple was newly involved the ycall that the first year or two, solid and looked all good looking it doeant matter about the looks sort of really but let me just say this firs before I move on from the really really really important ex girfried with 1000 friends and psycho that only a few people know sold her soul to hell and has super huge demonic powers over these people but she gets super super bad luck and super super super painful life beautiful on the outside super painful on the inside))) ok I don't have this pain pain but well let me finish before I forget forget forget if per say a cupld is all like that you know and me and her well we lived together way out in the deswert, I can handle super clold nights and super mean well unfriendly desert people these people I tested I went up to one just to really really find out like are these people even nice at all, and I labled them "ignorant': but mean disposition a disposition is their attitude and it was just mostly this area fo the california desert , its got a big one and a famous one hnest Egypt, the Mojave Desert, hottest desert in American history at like 120+ tempurers, well just per say you had this couple and (well I forgt what I was ging t say oops and the computer malfutined I will be right back, this stupid stupid computer malfutined its because its hot, its nowo heating up my leg hot ht and I must get its fans. I moved onto the recliner and using the plug, over here it doesn't come unplugged (oh yeah by the way she never turned that phone on again, the one with the secret message the wisper to call her back or she would be in touch,, I think she called my last yeawr and she gavev a very very very rude message to my dad and mom and was super super nice like a child would do oit and its a super businesswoman and she ended the call (she knows I don't like my parents I liked them before foor like 20 percecnt f the time until I asked myself and I wanted to challenge myself to think think think more about it about which and how and why people get hated in the famil8y was it the mother in law the brother in law and or one of the other family members that hated so much I thought it was the "in laws" but I don't want to ohave it get involved but she didn't leave her name or she toold tem it was her, she told them it was her and toold them to fuk the fuk ff and die fukking az hles,, see what I mean and she hung up after sitting there totally not even turned on sexually and made them masterbait with a sexy phonoe call, that is something exactly what she would d like she was gion gto cheat with them and prove her talent, I don't know maybe she is and was seeing them and dating them and without me even knowing about it and them, maybe its just oer the phne, over the phone, she turned back int a porn star or smething or lives back out in the desert of seclusion or i heard a yacht or something,, well, I try t stay out of other peoples affairs and I probably wonot ever find out, and wont care it desnt bther me at all. plain and simple style wedding collections

nw Rshe if yu did it yu wuld better be off dead, I mean I wudl catch my girlfriend and tell her, hey by the way don't cheat r flirt with anybdy while we are going out together I mean myself me and I am your man let me gie you a little tip, its either me or its 100 peple for you to datet without me cause I am not dating you 1 on 1 like this at all if yur goion gto be ding thait (oops my computer malfunctioned) doing this.

its kind of as if I was dating my ex girlfriends sister, it was kind of hard nt to,, for about `1 month after we broke up, I just lost interest and I really didn't like their family at all, well I will brb (that is about her the ex girlfriend) and I never talk to her, I mean I could see my picking up the phone one time when nobody is home here and it is her calling for my parents foro soeomthing prbalyb say she hangs out with my sisters friend frm a lont time ago o(oops long time ago) and she probably drove over or flew to meet my sister.. yeah one thing is I never sold my soul to hell, I keep it,, and actually I just thought maybe she does talk to othem a few times a year, and they are all conspiring t cheawt r cheat I really dnt know,, or one of my brothers.

so don't do it.......................nshe and I will explain brb Chris love