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This guy KAMLESH became famous in no matter of time for his funny interview on being a drug addict at such a tender age. The way he was trolled on social media made him famous almost all over India. It is sad and piteous for the mankind that rather trying to bring him on the right path we are making fun of him by trolling him on social media. This kid still unaware of what he is doing and we are laughing at him him. We are the ones who should actually be laughed at because we are doing nothing but laughing at this poor kid. His interview is not any piece of comedy but it is a lesaon for all of us that how the young generation is getting astray from the right path. Imagine how many KAMLESH's will be there all over India. And we expect 'developement' in the country. We should try to save people like KAMLESH from these evil deeds rather than trolling them for fun. plus size wedding wears for maternity brides