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I have been waiting for some Happy News to report about Charli and finally, we have it!

This precious dog was so close to death just a few days ago. She was running a fever of 105, she couldn't keep food down and she had lost all desire to eat. The tests they ran were showing severe damage to her liver and we really couldn't determine exactly why Charli was slipping away. We didn't have a lot of hope for her to recover but then suddenly, she began to improve.... prom wearing which backtrack to 1920

Thanks to ... her wonderful doctors and the many, many prayers that were lifted up in her name, Charli has turned the corner and she was allowed to go home with her foster mom today.

Even the Internal Specialist isn't sure what happened to Charli. She could have gotten into something toxic before I found her. The night I rescued her, she was scrounging around a dumpster at an industrial warehouse. She could have digested something rotten, causing her to have severe issues with her digestive tract. It is puzzling to everyone involved.

But one thing is for sure. Charli is wagging her tail, eating again, and her fever is back to normal. We still have a ways to go because we have to be very careful with her diet. And when she is stronger, she will have to be treated for heartworms. But we are extremely hopeful now that Charli will live a long and happy life....

Thank you to everyone that has been so concerned for Charli.. Touches our hearts more than you know.

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