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Update on Jeremy
Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers! Jeremy went into the hospital at the lake of the ozarks this weekend. He had a cold on October and it went into what we thought might be pneumonia but when he went to get checked his X-ray was normal. He was placed on antibiotics, breathing treatments, and prednisone as he was short of breath. He got a little better and then had some stomach flu symptoms and continued to be short of breath. On Friday he has nausea, sweating and severe shortness of breath and finally agreed to go to the hospital. He had congestive heart failure and his heart was extremely enlarged and had a heart attack. This is all caused from a virus, they believe. He had a heart cath and no disease in his blood vessels but the left ventricle of his heart is enlarged and he has a dilated cardiomyopathy. His heart ejection fraction is very low. He was sent home from the lake and was doing well until yesterday when he started having chest pain that radiated to his left arm. After much convincing he went to Er and he is now at St Johns hospital. He is much better and they think chest pain is related to what is going on. He also has a large clot in his left ventricle. He is waiting to be fit for a life vest that is an external defibrillator, heart monitor, that watched for abnormal lethal cardiac rhythms and will shock him if needed. He has to wear this for 3 months and take several meds to see if his heart is going to improve. He was happy to find out that he can still shoot a gun while wearing this and he still wants to go deer hunting! He is now to watch salt and limited to maybe two beers a week and get regular exercise as tolerated to get the heart to improve. He is much better and planning on beating this and being back to work when it starts back up for the season. He really tried to put off going to be seen so he could finish out this last week of work. (Even though his wife did not think this was a great idea!). He did not have any of the typical signs of heart failure and he was just short of breath which is not normal for him. So if you get sick , go to the doctor and get checked out. semi informal large size gown below 100