short garments good for formal occasions

# Spyder : When a 'superstar' completely submitted himself to the subject and limited himself to an 'actor' and gave more space for the villain character to dominate him.
# Maheshbabu just submitted himself to the role of a vigilante techie/agent who goes out an extra mile to protect the people who are in danger. His histrionics and expressions while listening to the phone calls are enough to just raise the impact of the situation.
# Rakulpreetsingh :Just a cherry on top of ... the cake. For glamour and relief from the serious narration. She is good.
# SJSurya :The man who walks away with honours from every audien.Dumps an impact which is not easy to forget. He is just evil. He looks feminine, weak yet you fear him. The expression he delivers near the bridge(interval) scene is an evidence of his acting prowess and just deadly.
# Armurugadoss : The man who knows how to give goosebumps with simple reactions from the characters in an edge of the seat narration. His design of the # Bhairava character may remind you of the iconic # Joker from Nolan or the psychopathic killer # Gulabipuvvugovindu from Ravibabu(Anasuya) yet stands tall due to the flashback narration acting as a justification for his sadistic behaviour.
# kidwhoactedasyoungSJSURYA :He just deserves as much applause as Surya gets, infact more. It may be easy to forget even Surya but not this kid. His acting joined with ARM direction and Harris BGM just sends chills in your spine. He is just a devil in delivering the sadistic expressions on screen which are a must watch. short garments good for formal occasions
# Whycanyouwatchit - For Maheshbabu who accepted a different subject and stuck true to the underdog characterization,SJsurya and the kid, edge of the seat narration,Grand production values, some sparkling moments in the most unexpected situations.
# Drawbacks : Songs, Poor Vfx for the budget next to Bahubali, lack of telugu actors and known faces except for one or two, A couple of scenes with pure Tamil flavour and mainly preclimax and climax episodes.

The reason for the mixed response may be the high expectations and a different delivery with the content that doesn't hold universal appeal. Lower down your expectations and enjoy the content.

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