simple style wedding outfits for plus size ladies

A pic of my mother. That is my older brother standing in front of her, Other people on the picture my aunt first from right...... And my mother's European and Afghan fashion show models. The picture was taken in early 60's in Afghanistan. simple style wedding outfits for plus size ladies

July 8, 1968, "The Kabul Times"
Thirty dresses of the latest
fashions and several national costumes
were featured the last week at the Kabul Hotel in the first
private fashion show held here.
Gina's ladies tailoring Institute
organized the show which was
attended by wives of Cabinet Members,
diplomats and other high
ranking officials.
"By the time the show, was
over, all the dresses were sold "
said Mrs. Najiba Abawi the director
and owner of Gina. "I sold
them for Af. 40, 0OO, the cost of
the tailoring. Actually, I didn't
expect to make a profit "
Mrs. Abawi traveled widely.
She has been to the United
States and France where she
took her professional courses in
a ladies dress making. She has
. also visited the Federal Repuh.
lie of Germany where she toured
several famous tailoring houses.
"I looked through French;
American and Wes German fashion
catalogs to chose my fashion-- I
wanted to select my dresses
which would best show off the
skill of my, tailor, She explain-ed-.
Among the most admired fashion
were the Kandahari costumes
with their fine embroidered
sleeves. Mrs. Abawi has won
several prizes for her tailoring
and needle work among which
the most noteworthy was the
scarf she present to Princess
Asked what she thinks about
the latest western fashions, she
said that she has no particular
liking for mini skirts because
they are contrary to the Afghan
a way of life and do not conform
to her religious beliefs, which are,
very important to her. "However,
I never refuse to make such
a dress since I might: lose foreign
customers if I did", she added.
She is in favor of using local
material and in the fashion
show she displayed a number of
dresses made of a material for
Afghan Woollen Industries.
gina tailoring Institute opened
three years ago with only Af.
15,000 and four women seamstress.
But it has been growing
rapidly and now it holds in
the capital of Af. 50,000, has sewing
machines and 18 tailors including
13 men.
"I have been interested in tailoring
since I was eight years
old," Mrs. Abawi said. "I went
to Malalai high school. l where I
taught for four years after graduation,"
she adds it.
Each.' Gina worker receives
between Af. 1,000 and 3,000 a
month. Gina Institute is located
in Share Nau opposite the Park
Cinema. It accepts all orders.
Wedding gowns cost about Af.