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From DCCSD President Amy Banayo Laguren Saroca :



First of all, it is with sadness that I announce the passing of Marissa Manipud's father in the Philippines. Marissa informed me about this early this morning. She is in her duty station in New Mexico and will be flying home to Dagupan as soon as she could, anytime now. Let's take a brief moment to pray for the eternal repose of Atty. Manipud and for Marissa's safe travels as well as her family members.

On a lighter side, I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully elected a new set of officers who will lead our club for the next two years or so, to be led by our president-elect, Sunny Francisco, who was elected during our meeting in my house. We also held a meeting last Sunday at the residence of our Treasurer, Lea Gomez, for the plans to hold an induction ball. As a heads up, please note the following general information about the event:

1. Induction of officers for 2017 - 2019, to be called "Induction Ball"
2. Date: October 28, 2017
3. Venue: Officers' Club, Miramar Marine Base
4. Ticket cost: $ 50.00 per person
5. Attire: Semi-formal or dress to impress
6. Dinner and dance to celebrate and thank the new set of officers

Please save this date, make plans to attend and invite your friends and relatives.

We will announce another meeting in the near future to discuss the details of the event. We will also prepare the program for the event therefore, those of you who want to be part of the program, please attend this important meeting.

On another note, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our committee chair and members who did a wonderful job that made our recent summer picnic very, very successful and lots of fun:

Chairperson: Manny Ceralde, job well done on a super enjoyable and successful picnic
Food Committee: Lea & Manny Gomez, who prepared the marinate for steak and chicken wings. Super good and tasty to the last bite. Likewise, the burgers and hot dogs for the kids. They were assisted in grilling by the very helpful Willie Aquino and Milo Saroca

Appetizers and main courses: Amy Saroca for the menu for the day. An extra large delectable lechon was served as hot appetizer as soon as it arrived at 10:30 AM to the delight of the guests and members. Let us all thank our lechon sponsor when you see him, Dr. Marc Calimlim, who donated $ 300.00 for our picnic. We had the best lumpia from Elda and Gloria Nicochea, 2 large trays of Seafood Kare-kare by Amy Saroca, several trays of pancit by the Ceralde's and Saroca, Lea's special pinakbet, menudo and sisig from Marissa Manipud and Leon. chicken dishes chaired by Ascen Castro, Salads, rolls, trays of crispy chicken wings by Noreen Lacanlale and Norma Castillo, Deserts & native delicacies chaired by Dr.Nita Caccam, fresh fruits headed by Orly & Vicky Villamil, Digna Strom and the Ubando family. A truly delectable array of delicious foods. Thanks to all of you. simple styled garments for bridesmaids

Music was provided by Ruth Castillo that made the day so conducive to non-stop dancing and entertainment.
Games for kids and adults were made so much fun by Games Chairperson, Clint Ceralde. The seniors' chair game was super hilarious and lots of fun with some musical medley as background.

The picnic was very well-attended and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, lots of food, dancing, games and of course, made new friends, got acquainted and re-acquainted with old and new members such as, Digna Strom, the Ubando family, Romy and Lydia Ceralde, Florencia Belmonte, Rudy and Rose Vidal, Filipino Press staff Susan and Lorna Delos Santos, Pete & Trini Lustria, Beth Ison family, Ben & Mils Penano, Diawatan family, the North County Dancers, and many others.

It was one of the best picnics I ever had with DCCSD. Thank you all for your support, cooperation, kindheartedness, pleasant disposition and most of all, your being real troopers. Picnic photos are on Facebook.

I wish you all a safe and fun summer. See you at the next meeting TBA.


Amy Saroca
DCCSD President