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Continued from last evening... The girls came home last evening around 6:15 PM after their works, it was a surprise to me as I expected them to work much later. Obviously they either were so efficient in their work or the project still was in its early stage, but anyway, all the dishes had been prepared and in the warmer, so I turned on the television to see if there was anything good to watch. When I switched to the Animal Planet Chanel, it was showing a leopard series; it was quite interesting, and so I sat down and watched it. It was about a small family of leopards and how the leopard mom taught her cubs to hunt. I always liked to watch the Nat Geo series on animals and also very impressed with the people who devoted their lives to film the series. I guessed they must have filmed many hours of the animals in the wild before they could condense them into a story...Right toward the end of the series, the girls came home, and they watched a little bit of it before they went into their rooms to change. Yesterday was Wednesday, and according to the "house" rule, it was a meat free Wednesday. The girls and I had a little truce that on Wednesday of every week, we would be completely meat-free, on other days, we still could have meat but still on a tiny portion basis. The girls had come to like it that way as they do not eat that much in the first place. I guess they are more interested in looking trim than anything else. When they came out of their rooms, the diner was ready and so they helped in setting up the table. While at dinner, they talked about their friend's wedding this coming Saturday, she was a common friend of Jenny and Nicole as they all were from the Denver area. Charlize came to know her through Jenny and Nicole and now she is very closed to her. I then asked "Where is the wedding being held?'" Jenny said, "It will be in a church in the morning, and then they have a reception in a hotel and then at night they will have a dinner party with dancing." I said that would be fun and I asked: "So you girls needed to buy new outfits for the wedding?" Nicole then said, "Probably not, I have something in mind in my closet already." Charlize then added, " It would be too late now as there only will be tomorrow night that we can go shopping and normally we can't find things in a such a short time." And then Jenny said, "I have a dress for it already." While we were on this wedding subject, I wanting to ask if they have thought about it themselves and so I asked: "How old is your girlfriend?" Nicole then said, "I think she is around twenty-four or twenty-five." I then asked, "What do you girls think would be the ideal age for marriage for women?" Jenny then said, "There is no hard and fast rule on that, I think as long as they feel comfortable about it, then I think it is OK!" Nicole then said, "May be it also depends on the financial situation of the two people involved, if they feel comfortable about their financial situation, then I think it would be fine." I then asked Charlize "How about you?" "Oh yea I agree with them, and that's why we cut the happy hours to only once a month to save money." I then said, "I can imagine it could be expansive to go to happy hours and then dinner every Friday, when it is all said and done, you could be looking at $60 or $80 every Friday." Charlize then said, "Yes, easily, in fact sometimes it can more!" I wanted to ask them about their plans with their boyfriends, but then I looked at the clock, it was about 9:30 PM already, I really did not want to ask that kind of sensitive question at that time. And so I withheld on asking, but knowing that these girls were really thinking about that also. Actually, for me, I do not want that to happen as that would mean they would have to move out, but then that would be too selfish on my part, and anyway it was time to clean up the dishes, and so the girls stood up to clean the table and washed the dishes...This morning, it started out as cloudy and on the cold side, the girls came out of their rooms in colorful sweaters and then with animal prints dresses underneath. They did look good and sexy in those feline dresses; I commented that they looked very nice. The Girls smiled and said thanks. I guessed girls like to be complimented and as I walked with them toward the garage, they looked nice and giggled a lot when I teased them as looking like small leopards much like the animal program we watched last night... skater prom dress

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