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Hello friends. I'm taking a moment to post this on line petition in an effort to stop the unnecessary and socially irresponsible ban on Kratom. I don't believe in the oft practiced "If your really my friend you'll sign this" tactic which some choose to use to push their various causes. Whether someone chooses to sign something I support or not will never push the needle on our friend-o-meter. That being said I will briefly explain why I would appreciate your E-Hancock on this letter.

Like most of us I have struggled with pain physical/mental/emotional at various points in my life. In my pursuit of relief I have ingested many a would be remedy both prescribed and otherwise. Although most of them temporarily assuaged the pain in my knees, the depression in my head or the ache in my heart. The side effects, on a long enough timeline, have always lead to poorer health, withdrawal, lethargy and lots of the other things they warn you about in every big pharma prescription commercial. About 2 years ago I was taking prescriptions for depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain. Alot of the name brands I was taking were the very same that have lead to dozens of recent celebrity death/suicides and tens of thousands of the same demise for us regular folks. All of them prescribed to me legally by trusted health care professionals. With my tolerance rising and dependency growing I sought out a more natural alternative to soothe my ails. Thankfully a close friend of mine had been riding the same prescription med roller coaster and introduced me to the incredible healing powers of a South East Asian leaf called Kratom.

At the time I had been kicking my 3 a day, 4 pill cocktail for about 3 days due to a lapse in coverage ( that's a conversation for another day). My depression and anxiety had me pinned to the couch like the opening credits of The Simpson's. The insomnia had transformed me into an extra on the set of The Walking Dead. And the pain med withdrawals were at Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad full body convulsion level. Sorry those were the shows I was watching at the time :) So when my friend sent me a care package of Kratom complete with proper dosing instructions, needless to say I was a willing lab rat participant.

I followed her instructions. Taking a rounded 5 gram tablespoon of the grounded leaf powder. I Laid back down on the couch and waited in hopeful anticipation. And about 20 minutes later it happened. The pain began to slowly melt away from my knees, back and shoulders. The irrational anxiety, which I discovered is quite common with children from broken homes or unstable childhoods, subsided. The hopeless fatigue associated with clinical grade depression was replaced by a "last day of school in the 6th grade" exuberance. I was not high. I was just happy. Content. Everything felt like it was going to be "okay". And that I believe is what gets lost in the debate over public safety vs. Kratom. A proper dose does not get you high, stoned or intoxicated in the same sense that a proper dose of cough syrup, Nyquil or caffeine does not get you high stoned or intoxicated. All of them can have adverse affects when taken in excess. But the positive benefits of Kratom far outweigh the potential public health risk. Since the day I experienced the positive, healing effects of Kratom I have had a better quality of life with absolutely none of the side effects that came with my former pharmaceutical crutches. It has been two years since I switched to Kratom and I am happy, I am free from pain, depression, anxiety and restlessness. When your daily existence is shackled by these afflictions you are not living a truly free life. Kratom has given me that freedom without my mind and body being reimprisoned by the harmful side effects associated with my former chemical warden. Analogies are fun:) Most importantly I am alive. That is why I sit and I write. I truly believe that keeping Kratom legal can continue to save and improve lives. While banning and criminalizing it will no doubt produce quite the opposite results. Fortunately there are millions of Kratom users in the United States who believe the same. tea length prom dresses 2019

Here is the truth as I see it and why I'm encouraging you to sign this document of support. Kratom is not an opiate. It is a relative of the coffee plant. Kratom has saved thousands of lives from the crippling opioid epidemic that has swept across country (and the planet really not to be so geocentric. Actually, the fact I can properly use the word "geocentric" while I'm on Kratom should be all the proof you need that it is not a "harmful dangerous drug" but I digress). Kratom has been used to treat numerous medical ailments for centuries in South East Asia. Kratom is not new. It's just new here. Kratom is nothing more than dried, finely ground plant leaves that normal everyday people ingest by mixing with juice and drinking or brewing into a tea. It is not made in a pharmaceutical lab like oxycontin, Xanax or percocet. Or meth for that matter. Notice a pattern. Kratom may be, and in my opinion is, the answer to the opioid problem in our country and the world over.

I hope my words have inspired you to not only sign the attached Letter but to do your own research and discover the truth for yourself. I hope if you have had similar struggles to my own, that Kratom can improve your life that way it has mine. I hope that we as a society can stop the dangerous ill fated practice of continually criminalizing beneficial herbal cures. And above all else I hope you know that even if you don't sign we are still friends :)

VIRTUAL MARCH DAY TWO: Co-Sign Letter to Acting Director of DEA - Protect Kratom!