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The pretty lady on the front row in the white dress and strawberry hair was my beloved piano teacher, mentor, friend, and namesake for my daughter. What a difference she made in my life! She took me under her wing and challenged me from the time she coaxed me from my hiding place behind the stage curtain at Halls Piney Grove as my older sister took piano lessons and enlisted me as a singing sibling during piano recitals (there was a small group of us). Many students feared her because she did not suffer fools gladly, but I think we met our match and kindred spirit in one another. She traded Mozart and Beethoven for the Brimhall pop songs that kept me playing piano and I owe my love of classical music to her devious ways.She taught me how to tackle the daily newspaper crossword puzzle and Jumble always lying on her kitchen table; kept pink lemonade and cookies handy; allowed me to play dress up in her daughters' old prom dresses, call my friends in Newton Grove from her Clinton exchange so that it wasn't long distance, nap and daydream in her comfy rocking chair while listening to my sister play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata...she could have easily dismissed me as the flighty, boisterous, lesser accomplished younger sibling but instead gave me a special place and challenge all my own and taught me to take myself seriously. Her wisdom helps guide me even today and I still drive by her house on Stewart Ave. whenever I'm home. trendy prom selections with discount price # RozelleRoyalwasoneofthegoodones