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The fact is, in the first 10 seconds of you meeting with somebody new, they are forming opinion of you based on the non verbal communications that you are doing; such as:

- what you wear
- how you posture yourself
- even how you scent, etc.

It is really important to understanding all these in order to change the way in which others view you.

Fashion these days is growing more and more sophisticated due to new brands of shoes, clothing and even perfumes..

Believe me when I say, just wearing your regular "designer wears" won't make you stand out generally from the crowd. Why do I say this?

Well, let's picture a regular "bachelor party scene"... I mean, who wouldn't want to dress the best to stand out of the rest. Everyone would want to wear the best of the best designer Gucci shoes, watches or spray the latest Gucci Guilty perfumes. But that is the problem, when everyone is trying to stand out, they end up standing in.

What do I mean by this?

If everyone is dressed on the best designer wears, it will just be like a competition show down, making no one really to stand out, thus making everyone feel equal.

To me, the key to standing out in any occasion lies in the ability to study the occasion before hand and understanding how to impress someone based on your non verbal communications.

Now, I don't discourage designer wears, I do wear them when necessary; but my aim in every event is to stand out in any event and at the same time saving cost while doing so.

Speaking of saving costs and still standing out, I just discovered a brand of perfume that saves me 25% in shopping for colognes for a monthly purchase of $14.95; although this offer applies to residents in the United States only, but I think this is a nice offer to help you stand out and save cost too. They have the best designer fragrances at really cheap prices. You can see unique wedding dresses with color for more info.

I have been using this brand for a while now, and I can assure you of the best scents.

Here are a quick few Cologne Tips which if applied, will keep your audience always smiling when talking or in contact with you:

- Less is More: Over powering cologne and fragrances are just as bad as offensive body odours,

- Apply Colognes to PULSE POINTS: The deal with pulse points is that the blood flow is a little bit more there, so it heats up and because of the heat, if you apply your cologne there it would help dissipate it and spread it even more.
The major pulse points are: the carotids(neck region) and the wrist.
For application, you can just apply 2 pumps at the left and right carotids(left region) respectively, and one pump on the left wrist padded together with the right wrist.

- Rotate your Colognes: A good idea is to buy multiple sets of colognes and rotate them. This will give your audience a new sense of feel anytime they come in contact with you, making them more and more inquisitive of what your next scent will be like, thus making them come back to you indirectly asking for more.

This will be all guys. Am so happy that I could share this.

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