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Important Reminder -- only one week before the annual reunion at the Howard County Fair! Don't wait for your next high school reunion. Take the opportunity to hang out with the people you grew up with, regardless of what school they went to or what grade they were in. vintage retro ball gowns dresses

Simple and cheap alternative -- Meet your friends at the Entertainment Stage at the Howard County Fair on Monday night, Aug 7, 2017. Appaloosa is playing there that night. The same band that played at our high school dances, especially the classes of the 60s and 70s.
Anyone going this year?
Here is previous info I posted:

Casual Howard County multi-school, multi-year reunion, popular with classes of the 60s and 70s, all classes welcome!

Meet at the bandstand around 7:30 or anytime after.
Appaloosa will be playing there all evening. (Yes, the same band that played at our dances.)

Dress casual for hot weather, maybe $5 to get in ($2 for age 62 and up), bring family and they can go through the Fair instead of being bored at a reunion.
Wear school colors and find classmates hanging out behind the seating.
Bring a lawn chair if you want to.
Bring your own name badge with a picture from high school years, school and year of graduation. See sample. Put it in a badge holder.
There is a beer and wine area again in the Exhibition hall. The place to go if there is a downpour.

No RSVP for this event. No checking in. Just show up. Sample name tag. Make your own. See you there!