vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

We spent the majority of last week on Duo, FaceTime, texting, or on the phone with Rachel M Cookson and Bobby Cookson regarding Zane's Amoxicillin rash...then on Wed, it had spread to his extremities and he was not comfortable at all. So around 4:30 Wed I was notified that our flight to NC was at 7:25. We'd been toying around with the idea but we hadn't made a decision. Dang, talk about packing light! vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length
When we arrived it was just after midnight and we were exhausted, but gl ... ad to be here nonetheless. He was asleep of course.
Since then we've been able to hopefully relieve two tired parents, but mostly, it was all selfish...we got to spend four days with Zane who has more personality and charisma than we could ever imagine just by our technology driven chats.
We are so grateful for the time we've had here and cannot wait until August when they return to Houston for a visit!

God is so very good to us....oh, and we taught him to say his prayers before meals :) , cutest thing ever.

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