vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

"Something the human being needs to release is the concept of competition. As the feeling of competition is state experienced when out of alignment with source. When the individual is in alignment with love consciousness all others work in harmony, synchronization and in divine orchestration. vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

The strengths and gifts which you see in another, that make you feel the other is competition is a projection and distortion of the ego. For the strengths and gifts which the other is di ... splaying are in actual fact your aligned potential. It is you, being reflected back to you. So when seeing another as an object of competition you hold yourself out of alignment with who you really are.

Rather we encourage you to see others strengths and gifts in their full beauty and potentials. For this is you, a reflection of your aligned self, in doing to you move into alignment with embodying such strengths for your own being also."


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