wedding items prepared for courthouse

Looking forward to the next episode.
I hope you discuss what the fashionable werewolves are wearing these days. Fashion seems to have always been a struggle for lycanthropes. Andreas (Return of the Vampire), Duncan Marsh (The Werewolf), and even Wilfred Glendon (The Werewolf of London) all dress handsomely in formal, almost businesslike attire. wedding items prepared for courthouse

The casual werewolf or Wolfman however runs the gamet.
Larry Talbot's (The Wolfman) ensemble of the rugged outdoorsman never seems to go out of style. Larry's use of a handcrafted rope belt and running around in his bare feet add to his casual, unkempt look.

Likewise, the youthful Teenage Werewolf can't go wrong in blue jeans and a letterman's jacket.

Remember, the smartly dressed werewolf usually gets the girl....leave the capes for vampires and superheroes.

A question for the classic 5 could be...If you were a werewolf out for a night on the town, what would you wear and why?

Next time on Werewolf Wednesday we will discuss werewolf hairstyles....