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Bonsoir ; )

Re 1: Truth defeats fake story sells
Re 2: Psychological analysis to the snake CEO for her fake story sells tactics n purpose

To FB audience, guess over thousand (s) we are engaging to enjoy a live FB warfare, exciting n entertaining, like pen-friends. Salute to my fighting spirit....but lock my life.

About time to end the game for I need to work to make money (I want independence n freedom of life) ....

Yes, understood the snake CEO was very jealousy when she read the divine power anointing for the Grace supply to debate and rebuke the 5-TULIP Calvinism for our joy of Faith as the humility gospel theology reform confirmation sign.

Immediately, she has created fake story sells to bully the male (no comment without knowledge) n the female (fair to defeat lies) to push the emotional buttons of people for entertainment about "sexual harassment" topics. Purely fiction for nonsenses. Low IQ stupid lie.

Let my smart 007 scientific rational mind to take a psychological analysis to the snake CEO for what she is jealousy about and what fake story sells for her emotional brainwash to entertain the FB audience to push their emotional button

Rational facts .

The snake CEO personal profile n background

Female, single, guess in 50s, fair look, not particularly pretty or ugly. Guess envy for men's appreciation to other women with unbalance psychology

Female psychopath sadist - articulative, good at teaching presentation "story sells", manipulative, huge envy to destroy goodness

childhood family background in hk poor estate - guess envy to rich families with unbalance psychology

1. Sexual harassment - totally non-senses

This is a political fake story sells weapon to create "both damages and mercy" for emotional control to people to join her fake story sells political game in old TM politics.

Due to her jealousy to my business family background with blessings of a comfortable life in HK with nice balcony n swimming - she hated to create a poor family story with sexual harassment abuse and insurance industry label for damages. To make it real, she designed conspiracy of terrorist phone call, fake male boyfriend witness, fake everything for entertaining story - pushing people emotional buttons for laughters -most people do not care to verify true or false facts - but easily to fall into emotional brainwash to achieve her political damage game. wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

Something strange in opposite - the more she wanted to damage me, she has promoted me more. The more she wanted to damage me to fear off men, the more she has created hero curiosity to save me from the storm.

This is the logic we observe on this FB warfare - also puzzle n surprise me. Anyway, perhaps holy spirit has protected me.

2. The Spirit of Serpent in demonic power

Only after God's education of supernatural of God n Satan in spiritual realm with holy spirit vs Anti-Christ, angels vs demons for spiritual warfare, I gain more spiritual diagnosis knowledge n skills.

This snake CEO is like possessed by the spirit of the Serpent -cunning, jealousy, lying, poisoning.

To my godly supporters, please be smart not to fall into her emotional brainwash for damages n mercy.

My life is very blessed with relative wealthy business family background and handful of simple kind friends n clients for my happy life. They are very kind to me.

I enjoy simple n peaceful life more than successful life with fame and wealth - no freedom of life to enjoy an ordinary life.

If you had followed my early FB warfare on real person FB - as what the 1st young psychopath expressed - FB happy quality life for attracting jealousy - the compliment to my life blessings. My FB on real person n this Eliza for religious issue communication - all true facts authentic.

This is a friendly clarification to defeat the snake CEO jealousy lies. Pity her jealousy sickness n ignore her nonsense fake story sells.

She has promoted me like a star popular for 10 years as "hot" for my compliment.

Well, guess time to end the FB warfare soon, after I made clarity to re-open my real person FB for a brief summary for ultimate justice n peace. Enjoy a good evening ; )