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What is Osteopathy? It is the observation and treatment of the body as it relates to it's anatomy and function. What does this mean? It means that the whole body is connected and one part does not function without influence on another part or parts. When there is a dysfunction in one part, there will always be a dysfunction in the other parts just due the fact that the parts are connected, ie they are adjoining structures, they share a common blood, lymph or nerve supply, t what items to wear for tall maids of honor ... hey are joined by facial structure, linked by the endocrine system, connected by emotion, or even trauma or injury. The goal of the osteopath is to find the dysfunction and restore function through manipulation, nutrition, and medicine (herbal or current).
Here is an example of a mare we treated yesterday that came in for a lameness evaluation. The owner also noted that her belly was large, but her top line and ribs were showing. We started with a baseline lameness and after watching her move, we found both her front feet were sore even though her hoof conformation and shoeing appeared normal. From there we started her osteopathic evaluation.
You can read under each picture for the description. The beginning level of treatment is as follows:
1. Treat the malocclusion of the incisors to improve mastication
2. Work on mobilization of the TMJ, the temporal bones, C1, C2
3. Treat the ulcers of the stomach and upper intestine. This will help restore the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum and give pain relief
4. Feed high quality, pre bloom, leafy hay. Supplement with pelleted hay topdressed with an herbal/vitamin/mineral supplement for digestion. This will greatly influnce the hind guy microflora and stop the pain in her feet by reducing bad bacteria die off and high glucose/insulin spikes
5. Mobilize the pelvic organs for better funtion and reduce strain on the body.
6. Treat large strongyle infestation with approprite deworming protocol.

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