white color garments for graduation ceremony

Here is a picture of Fiona from today's visit at the dogtors, she is so adorable! Facebark did not let many see the pupdate earlier so I doing this one. We made a mistake guessing her age she not around 6 but more like 9. She not only has the bad teeth but elevated white blood cell count, her kidneys are bad, a couple mammary tumors and the beginning of cataracts in her eyes. We so mad that the people who had her let her get in this shape then not only wanted to abandon her b ... ut was trying to kill her! She has to take antibiotics and do at home iv bags of fluid plus eat prescription food that good for the kidneys to try and get her kidneys functioning better and get her blood cell count stabilized. The dogtor wants to do some xrays and testing before he talks about any type of surgery or dental work. The other picture has the estimate for all that will be $305-375 and we going to try to come up with it. If you would like to help please donate directly to the vet office, it the West Michigan Street Veterinary Clinic 317-757-5077. The name of the account is Amanda Rulli (Fiona's foster mom) and the money is to help Fiona. Those humans who had her before may not have taken good care of Fiona and then let her down when she needed them most but we won't let her down and for whatever life she has left she will be as healthy as possible with plenty of loves and happiness! Thank you to everyone who has helped either thru donations, prayers or positive thoughts, we loves you white color garments for graduation ceremony <3 xoxo

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