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Arouse People's Emotions and Make Money Doing It.

If you want to make money on the Internet or even offline, I want you to pay attention to this.

Starting from today, I want you never to forget this...


"People are emotional beings."

Always remember it.

Now, look at the attached image. It's a screenshot of a Facebook ad by Hootsuite.

Let's dissect the ad copy.

The ad copy starts with this line...

"Start saving time on social."

That's a benefit. And it's emotional. Who doesn't want to save time? Who doesn't want to achieve more things in less time?

Then, this line: "Manage all your social networks from one simple dashboard."

This is a feature. One SIMPLE dashboard. It's not complicated. It's simple. You can use it.

Next, you see the picture of a happy lady probably using the software to manage her social networks from a simple dashboard and saving more time in the process.

And because the lady is happy, you will automatically be connected emotionally to the picture and you will start seeing yourself being happy when you start using the software too. You will immediately see the benefit of using it, which is, happiness and being relaxed. white colored and high low styled items to wear

Then, "Free 30 Days Trial."

You will quickly rationalize that it's risk-free. And so, you will try it out.

Humans don't like risks. Nobody wants to pay for what he will eventually not like. Humans want to test run something before committing to it.

So, a whopping 30 days free trial? You will be hooked to try it out and you may end up paying for it.

Then, "Join 10million+ professionals."

This is social proof.

You will start thinking immediately that 10 million professionals, not just people, are using this already. And you will even go on to say that these 10 million professionals cannot be wrong.

Humans hate standing alone. We have this inner longing to belong. This is why we form relationships, parties, associations, clubs, etc.

If you are a professional social media manager, and 10 millions of your colleagues are using this particular software to manage their social media networks, you will likely check out the software too, and probably start using it so that you will belong.


See, your ad copy doesn't need to be very long. You can write a compelling ad copy in one sentence or two.

Just make sure the copy arouses people's emotions.

Emotions drive people crazy. Emotions make people to act irrational and insane.

A man who is deeply in love with a woman, is deeply emotional. He can empty his bank account and buy her a car. Don't blame him.

A woman who is deeply angry can hit her man with pestle and kill him. Why? She was overtaken by angry emotion.

So, start arousing people's emotions in your sells. And start making money doing it.

Go out there and win more.

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